How to Apply for a loan

Only a Credit Union member can apply for a Credit Union loan. If you wish to apply for a loan, call in to the office and ask a member of staff about making an application. You will be interviewed privately and confidentially. You must provide honest answers to all the questions on the application form, as failure to do so may result in your application being deferred for more information, or even rejected. Bank statements may also be required to confirm your income and expenditure.

Online loan applications are now available providing you have registered with Larne Credit Union for online banking and have the CU Anywhere app installed on your mobile phone or tablet device (available from the Google play store or iTunes store).

The completed application will then be considered by the credit or loan committee, or a loan officer, depending on the amount applied for. They will assess your capacity to repay by looking at your income and all your expenditure and then assessing if the loan should be granted.

Repayment can be made weekly or monthly either by paying in the office by cash or debit card, over the telephone using your debit card, or through your bank by direct debit.