loans-dreams-webLoans at Larne Credit Union

We are open for business and have more than adequate funds available to meet our members borrowing needs.

A new member may apply for a loan of up to £1000 once they have provided 3 months recent bank statements and a credit check has been carried out by staff. All first time loans above shares will be considered by the Credit Committee. A loan application will be considered, provided that the application is for a productive purpose such as a holiday, car tax/insurance, home improvements etc. You will be interviewed by a member of staff privately and confidentially and a loan application will be completed with the following details:

  • Personal data (marital status, dependants, residence, employment etc.)
  • Proof of Income (Recent pay slips/ 3 months recent bank statements)
  • Proof of expenditure (3 months recent bank statements, credit card statements etc.)
  • All outstanding debts elsewhere should be disclosed as we often do credit checks through Experian.

We also use Experian for first time loans and larger loans to check for defaults and court judgements.
Loan applications and the copies of proof of income and expenditure are then assessed by our Credit Committee to ascertain the members capacity to repay.