1803681122Become a Member of Larne Credit Union

Members of Larne Credit Union Limited enjoy unique benefits which include:

  • Financial self-empowerment. You are in control of your finances and learn how to budget for annual expenses – at the same time you have access to funds for any unexpected expense.
  • Savings remain in the community for the mutual benefit of all the members.
  • Loans are available at a reasonable rate of interest.
  • Loan Protection and Life Savings Insurance are provided at no direct cost to the member.
  • Friendly and well informed personnel are at your service.
  • As a member you are a shareholder and part owner of the Credit Union with the right to vote and have your opinions noted.
  • You have the knowledge that your Credit Union exists only to benefit you and your fellow members.

Don’t hesitate – come along and join your local credit union – you will then be a member, shareholder, owner and saver!

Contact us today for a membership application.