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Minor Membership

For minor account opening, we must have photographic ID and address verification for the parent/guardian, together with the child’s long birth certificate.  If you are the Legal Guardian, then proof of guardian is required upon opening. If the child is 7 or older, they will need to sign the application form as well as the signing parent/guardian.

Two forms of ID are required to prove the parent/guardian’s identity and address.

Photographic ID                                                                            Address Verification

  • Current passport                                                                       •   Current utility bill (within 3 months)
  • Current photocard driving licence/provision licence     •    Current bank statement (within 3 months)
  • Electoral identity card                                                             •    Government issued documentation
  • Firearms certificate                                                                       relating to tax or benefits (within 3 months)
  • National identity card (Non-EU Nationals)
  • Smartpass

Please note that the same form of identification cannot be used to confirm both your identity and your address.

To begin an application, simply download the Minor Account Application form from our downloads page and return either by email or in office with the required identification documents.

You can also request an application form by email ( or complete the application in our Larne or Carnlough office. Please ensure you have the correct identification documents with you.

Key Facts

  • For children aged from 0 – 15 years (16 + will be an adult account).
  • Maximum savings of £8,000.
  • Lodgements can only be made by cash or cheque in the office, or you can set up regular payments by Standing Order.
  • Accounts can only be opened by a Parent or Legal Guardian (proof of guardianship required)
  • Only one parent/legal guardian can act on the account as a signing parent/guardian.
  • If the child is aged 7 or over, they will co-sign the application and any withdrawals.
  • If Under 7, the signing parent/guardian will sign solely on behalf of the child until they reach 7.

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