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Our Story

In the early 1970s Larne was a relatively prosperous or perhaps relatively less deprived area in the area covered by Chapter 2 of the Irish League of Credit Unions. It had a busy port and road and rail connection to Belfast. It was the site of large engineering factories and better than average employment opportunities. The town was growing rapidly and there was an influx of new people coming in from outside the town to avail of the opportunities created. New homes and new schools were being built and with many young families to cater for there was a need for the financial services which a credit union could provide. It is possibly because of the relatively good employment opportunities in the area that the need for a credit union had not been as obvious in Larne as elsewhere. It is the case that many of the people who finally decided that a credit union was necessary were coming into the town from other places where credit unions had been established and where the benefits of membership were appreciated.

Savings / Shares

Savings are known as shares and each share you hold is equal to £1. The maximum amount of shares an individual member may hold is £25,000.

Free Life Savings Insurance

This is a Life Insurance cover which your Credit Union provides to all eligible members as an additional incentive to maintain savings with your Credit Union.

Secure Savings

Your savings are protected by The Financial Services Compensation Scheme which guarantees savings of up to £85,000.

Low Cost Loans

We consider loan applications from members for any worthwhile purpose. Each application is treated on its own merits.

Loan Protection Insurance

Free Loan Protection Insurance is the Insurance cover your Credit Union provides on the lives of eligible members with Credit Union loans.

Death Benefit Insurance

We offer members an additional Death Benefit Insurance designed to relieve the burden of bereavement costs.

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You can make an application for members in our offices or join us online.

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