custodial-accountsMinor Accounts at Larne Credit Union

The minor accounts in the Credit Union are important, as hopefully the minors will become full members of Larne Credit Union when they reach the age of 16. Up until that time the parents open savings accounts for them, the maximum amount being £5,000. Any withdrawals from minor accounts can be made by the parent if the child is less than 7 years old. If 7 years old and over both minor and parent signatures are required.

At the age of 16 the minor is eligible to join Larne Credit Union as a full member. We would like to inform parents that at age 16 the savings would legally belong to the minor and they would have access to these funds. We would envisage that at 16, the minor would become a full member and continue to save with the Credit Union, availing of the services we provide and giving of their service to us if they wished. They would not be eligible to borrow until they reach the age of 18.